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One-stop shop for design and apparel. Youth Group staff love working with us because:

– We have youth group experience, we know what youth groups want, we have been youth group leaders for many years and we know the official requirements for organization logos.
-Your budget matters, we respect that.
– Our designs are fashion forward and totally custom, making sure you are keeping current for camp apparel or a fundraiser event. We work hard to provide you with something your area is going to love.
-Quality counts, even high school kids know what a quality tee is, and you know what? They will wear a quality piece much more. We know how to do this in a cost effective manner and have options to suit.

Every year we put together a few emails to help you prepare for summer camp, get togethers, fundraisers, and anything else you may be juggling. These emails showcase a few designs we’ve made (ready for you to use), and aim to make the process as efficient and simple as possible. Don’t worry, we won’t be filling your inbox every week. Our goal is to be an asset to your team.

We’ve Proudly Teamed Up With:

North Puget Sound Region (Seattle, Wa)
Inland Northwest Region (Spokane, Wa)
West Sno Co (Everett, Wa)
Whidbey Island (Whidbey Island, Wa)
North Sno Co (Marysville, Wa)
Sno Co Capernaum (Everett, Wa)
Greater Edmonds (Edmonds, Wa)
Kent Capernaum (Kent, Wa)
North Central Washington (Wenatchee, Wa)
North West Seattle (Seattle, Wa)
North Seattle (Seattle, Wa)
Lynnwood Terrace (Lynnwood, Wa)
Mercer Island (Mercer Island, Wa)
Greater Olympia (Olympia, Wa)
Gig Harbor/Peninsula (Gig Harbor, Wa)
East Clark County (Camas, Wa)
Clark County ( Vancouver, Wa) 
Young Lives (Vancouver, Wa)
Missoula (Missoula, Mt)
Modesto (Modesto, Ca)
Raleigh (Raleigh, Nc) 
Burnsville/ Yancy County (Burnsville,Nc)
Private School (Minneapolis, Mn)


When we were kids, going to camp in the summer was the highlight of the year. Hanging out with friends in the summer heat, sitting in the clubhouse during get togethers, ziplining and mountain biking, and much more. All of it was fantastic. But the excitement really starts right before getting on the bus, when the camp tees are handed out. Even though we’re not going to camp anymore, we can still make the experience awesome for your area with some apparel that your kids area going to be comfortable in & love to wear again. And once summer is over, we can help you get your group back up and running with some area tees or leader apparel.


We’ve helped put on fundraiser events, we’ve gone to them and donated, and we designed them. It’s safe to say we’re familiar with how they work, whether it’s a night of entertainment, an auction or maybe something new. With that in mind, we would love to be a resource for your next event. We have worked with various areas on all aspects of event design, from establishing the overall look and feel, to the thank you notes after the event. Fundraisers can be a bit of beast, and we’ve seen the to-do lists they create for area directors and admins. Let us lighten that load a little bit and let you focus on the part you love.

Area Growth

Between summer camp, group hang outs, events, committee meetings, and coffee with donors, area growth happens. We love helping keep camp awesome, and we love creating cool events, but aiding in the day to day growth of an area is very exciting. Maybe that means created an infographic that will showcase how many kids are currently involved and where the budget sits, or maybe that means creating a visual for your two year plan for area growth that you can give to your committee so everyone is on the same page. Who knows, maybe it’s time your area sent out and end-of-the-year booklet to let everyone know what the area has been up to and what the future holds. Get in touch with us today to explore what will aid your area in reaching more kids.


When working on camp or club tees, we know budget is important. That’s why we work hard to provide the best options that will fit your needs. There are a few things that go into the price of custom apparel. First, there is the design (typically 1 hour of design time at our youth group rate). Single color and single placement designs are the most cost effective. Each additional color and placement will affect the per tee price, as well as the set up. Each color or placement needs a special set up. Once the tees are all done we’ll ship them your way!

Event pricing is based on the specific needs for you event. At the start of any event project, we will work closely with you to establish the overall look and feel for the event. From there, we will apply the design to all the required event materials. These deliverables typically include a save the date, invitation, email graphic, event program, posters, item hang tags, power point slides, thank you cards, and more. 

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