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Let us take your goals & hopes  and add our own experience & knowledge of the world. Forging those together will form a strong, solid, long lasting product. Lets make something awesome.


Branding is more than just a name or an icon, it’s the whole personality & identity of a business. We love the process of helping a business establish or redefine their identity. From start to finish, we work closely with our clients the create something they love. Branding typically involves a name, tagline, logo mark, typography, branding guidelines, and implementation. Each project is unique and every business will have a different set of goals and dreams. Let’s chat about your project. What is branding? Read our post on the 4 core elements of branding here.

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Web Design

A website is a valuable tool for every business, and it’s important to have one that fits your needs. Our goal is to create a website that makes your business run more smoothly, and lets you focus on the things you do best. We accomplish this by focusing on your goals and designing with your users in mind. Using WordPress as our platform, we have the ability to easily implement a wide range of necessary web services such as a store from, online payment systems, blogs, portfolios, various contact forms, and more.

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Custom Apparel

In 2013 we brought our screen printing services in-house, giving us the ability to be more hands on with all apparel needs and allowing us to create prints that stay true to the design. With that, we also have a greater understanding of the apparel creation process and the capacities of screen printing. We have also designed & sourced a variety of apparel that we can’t take care of internally, such as embroidered items. If you’re in need of custom apparel, we’ll be happy to take care of the whole process, start to finish, freeing you of a headache.

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Event Design

Events can be a beast of a project, taking up all the stress you have available. We’re here to help. Let us take some of that off your hands. From designing a flyer for an already established event, or setting the character, mode, and feel for something new, we focus on creating something awesome that will drive people to your gathering. With our wide range of resources, we are capable of working closely with our clients establishing all of their needs and turn them into realities.


Design is an art form, and we are artists. With that, we still love to illustrate and create graphics for a variety of purposes. Sometimes that means taking sketches and ideas and making them digital,  or maybe creating totally custom graphics. We have worked with a variety of organizations to create vector graphics from physical work, or from a small fuzzy image who’s design file had been lost in time. Custom illustrations can also include icon sets to expand and compliment your current branding.

Social Media

If the brand is the personality and body of a business, then the social media presence acts as the voice. Establishing this voice, creating a social media presence, and maintaining consistency along the way can be a tricky task. With SLTFNDRY by your side, we can assist you with every step of the process, from setting up social media accounts, to creating content and getting it out into the world.

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