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Innovation, ideas, and ingenuity are the muscles we have to change the world for the better. Vantalks is a growing ecosystem of thought leaders who endeavor to stand on the leading edge of local and global change. These leaders have come together to form a community of innovators, professionals, social entrepreneurs, and agents of change. Salt Foundry continues to provide branding and creative direction for this annual event


Over the years we’ve sweat, cried, laughed, loved, breathed, eaten, other things people do, earned and learned. We’d love to share the learning part with you! Our blog has been a great place for us to chat about how we feel about design trends, how we define quality branding & web design, factoids we’ve learned, tricks we’ve picked up, adventures, and the way the world works.

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Let’s Grab A Hot Coffee or Cold Beer-  We would love to chat with you about your design needs and figure out the best way that we can work together to make something awesome! Creating a website, a new brand, or giving a facelift to current design materials can be daunting. However, you’re not in this alone. So please, shoot us an email, give us a call, or even write us a letter, cause we’re ready to get the ball rolling on your cool idea!

SLTFNDRY is a brand Identity, web and custom apparel agency

Creative Direction for small businesses, web design & maintenance, and in house screen printing
When we opened our digital doors in early 2011, we were excited to create and ready to adventure into the world of design. We researched all the current industry trends, paid attention to creative magazines and what was happening in the world of apparel, all while trying to figure out what makes a Creative Agency. Over the last few years we have learned that quality work takes time, closing a file without saving is sad, staying organized will save headaches, we should never stop seeking out inspiration, and most importantly: we can help others reach their dreams while we’re reaching for ours. We have dialed in our processes, polished our internal filing structure, pushed our limits, and much more, but we are just as excited about the adventure today as we were on January 5th 2011.

Meet the team:

“You know what I always say…
– Kyle C. Schaeffer
Justin Schaeffer, Graphic Design Extraordinaire, Owner of Salt Foundry

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance
– Justin T. Schaeffer